What is Vivin?

Vivin makes it easy for individuals to invest in non-market linked and asset backed investments through its platform. Now you can invest in green energy and other alternative asset classes with higher returns.

Who can invest with Vivin?

Anyone who is an Indian citizen above 18 years old having a valid PAN can invest with Vivin.

How do you keep my information secure?

All your data is stored on a 256 bit SHA encryption in a secured cloud network. We also refrain from sharing your data with any third party.

How is the investment structured?

All investments are contributed to a Specific Purpose Vehicle (SPV) in the form of a Limited Liability Partnership. Depending upon the asset, your investment will go to the SPV. You, as an investor will become a Partner to this LLP and your partnership stake in the LLP will represent the amount of investment made by you.

Who manages the SPV (LLP)?

Vivin manages SPV and the cost associated with managing the SPV is covered in the management fee of your investment amount.

What are the management fees?

We charge 2.0% management fee on every repayment you receive i.e. sum of 1.0% for management expense of SPV and 1.0% as our fees. We take fee only from the income, no upfront fee is taken on the invested amount.

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What is the minimum investment to start?

The minimum investment amount may differ from Asset to Asset. Kindly refer to the respective Asset page to find the minimum investment amount.

Is my investment safe?

Every asset on Vivin goes through rigourous screening process to be eligible on our platform for listing. Thus, our process makes every investment opportunity as safe as possible.

How do I get my returns?

Returns are provided monthly, bi-annually, yearly, depending upon the asset and transferred directly to the registered bank account of the investor.

Is there a lock-in period?

Yes, every asset has its lock-in period ranging from 6-Months to 60-Months, as soon as the lock-in is over, your investment can be liquidate and transferred to your bank account.